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The Heat · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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· · >>GroaningGreyAgony
Could someone please explain in detail how fic2pic works?

I have no interest in fic2pic or pic2fic. Roger, why do we never have just plain writing events anymore? That's what the writeoff was about -- writing.
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I think you can just ignore the drawing part if you want.
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>>Bad Horse
In a fic2pic, after the stories are posted, artists may choose one or more stories and create art based on them, not necessarily on the prompt. The story and art segments of the round thereafter run separately, and voting is independent. Pic2fic is just the reverse.
As Tropo says, you can just write a story in a fic2pic and ignore the art segment.
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I am in.
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Normally, my Saturday RP game drops right on top of my writing time for a prompt. Today, I managed to get a short in. I'm proud of myself.
#6 · 2
Got my story in too!
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· · >>libertydude
Well, definitely not the best round for comments :p
Also thanks to whomever placed my story first!

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· · >>Monokeras
That was me. I voted on everybody's story except my own (which is why it's last).

Hopefully the longer MLP fic contest will have more comments. The feedback is always the most interesting part of these contests.
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Thanks. ❤️

I apologise for not giving any feedback or voting this round. I’m just completely unfamiliar with most characters from seasons 4+, so I don’t think my advice would be very interesting, nor do I feel entitled to vote given I lack the background knowledge.

Maybe I’ll try to enter one of the short story rounds, but not sure about that