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Uncanny Valley · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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The End
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Dark, moody and dramatic, but It’s hard for me to make out what the figures are doing as it stands. I had to open the image in another window and zoom in We have one person in distress, perhaps car-stricken, and another who seems to be offering help, to whom the first person is… reaching out? Warding off?

I am thinking that this photo is meant to be related to the other, so I will study that more before proceeding. I will generally say that since the figures are critical to the drama, they should be better emphasized, since not much else is happening in the rest of the picture aside of establishing the night scene.
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· · >>Dubs_Rewatcher
Weirdly enough, what this makes me think of is 'zombies'. Something about what might be blood on the guy on the ground and the positions just seems oddly unnatural.

I'm not sure if the camera is supposed to indicate the position of a third person or not; is this someone spying through the shrubbery? The twigs intruding on the bottom of the frame seem to draw attention to the viewpoint, which suggested the idea to me, but I'm not sure what to make of that.

This seems pretty good for night photography, but the glare of the lights and the graininess of the photo are a bit annoying. I have no idea if there's any way to do better, though.

I still think it's pretty cool that we're seeing photographs in these contests. Props on getting people to cooperate with you for a shoot, too.
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I like this one, a strong concept with many elements (the two guys, the stop sign, the 'blood' on the shirt, the branchs or trunks at the foreground)
For me, it's like screaming in the night for help that will never come, thus being the end of the line.
However, there is one thing that disturbed me, and it's the fact that the picture is not horizontaly straight. If it was done on purpose to add to the meaning of 'uncanny', good job, but my "ocd" is screaming for getting this right.

Anyway, good job with the lightning and the pose. Thank you for you work.
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· · >>GroaningGreyAgony
So, storytime about this photo and the other.

At about 1AM on the day of the deadline, I went on a walk around Geneseo to take some photos. I figured that, seeing how the village of Geneseo is located in the heart of the Genesee Valley—as well as a pretty creepy place if you know where to look—I could snap some nice photos. My original goal was actually to take some photos in the nearby graveyard, but nothing from that shoot ended up coming out well.

While "It's Too Late" was taken outside an office building, this one was taken in the middle of an intersection near the graveyard. I set up my camera on a hill just off to the side, set the timer to take five pictures, each 15 seconds apart, and got to posing. Going on my photo walk, I brought a few "outfits" with me so I could play different characters... in this photo, I've got on my plaid sweatshirt while on the ground, and my black blazer while standing up. Originally, there was a third "character" in this, to the right of the stop sign, but I cut him out because I thought the pose I took looked stupid.

While frozen in that third pose, however, I'm pretty sure I scared the hell out of some dude on the street... he walked up on me when I was frozen, and immediately crossed the street so he wouldn't have to get near me.

Both figures were me. I don't have friends. :(
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· · >>Cassius
I don’t have friends. :(

What are we, chopped liver? :)
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Chop Suey, actually