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Uncanny Valley · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Prompt Score
Spaceship 4
On Vacation 8
Without Afterthought 6
Fugue 6
Humanity’s Folly 5
Star Light, Star Bright 10
The Face I Had Before the World Was Made 9
On the Eighth Day, Before the Rain Stops 10
Ot 7
Conspiracy of One 11
Effable, Fathomable and Scrutable 9
When You Hear the Singing, You Will Know It Is Time 13
I Deeply Respect My Huge Despise Of Humankind 5
The Quiet Melancholy of John Smith 5
Even If It Kills Me 12
DRACULA! King of All Vampires! 4
Uncanny Valley 16
Eclipse 14
Misleading Evidence 9
Kids Today 9
Once in a Lifetime 10
A Day and Night of Misfortune 6
Upside Down 8
Punctual to the Key 1
Anomaly 11
Pray for Oblivion 12
My Love is a Stapler 9
These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty 8
And Then They All Died 9
Riding in cars with humans. (The horror) 3
Desperate Clown Dance For Everyone's Souls at the World's End 6
Thinly-Veiled Pony References 8
Rise and Shine, Miss Sparkle. Rise, and Shine. 5
And Then, Things Got Worse 9
The Cursed Palace of the Maharaja 4
Over the Horizon 12
"No More Stories From Him," I Heard Them Say 9
Airship Adventures 6