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The Heat · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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With a Desperate Desire
You think the Sun is only warm and that the campfire is hotter, but this is because you can touch the campfire and be burned, but you cannot touch the Sun, only its shine. It is far distant from us for our sakes, for otherwise we and all we love would disappear into the ghost of ashes. Such is the Sun’s mercy towards us.

But there was a time when there was no mercy; very long ago, when all was hot, hotter than the Sun. The heavens were full of the turmoil of dancing fire, hot enough to turn everything into vapor; seas and rocks and mountains were all as smoke or gasses, hot with colors that shone beyond whiteness.

There were many sparks within that grand fire, and they swirled and swarmed and danced together, vied against each other to shine and flare and spatter their light all over the rest, and often they outdid themselves and burned themselves away, only to be replaced by others that curled and flickered with higher intensity.

There came eventually one spark that had a mirror in her mind, so that she was able to perceive not just the world, but also her own inner life. She not only knew things, but could know that she knew things. And in mid-leap, as her siblings leaped and screamed around her, she stopped to think, and sank below the churning of the flame.

“What is this?” cried her siblings. “Dance with us, it is the way. Shine with us, shine brightly!”

“I…” It was the first time that word was ever spoken. “I prefer to wait.”

As she did think, she continued to sink, as the fire swirled all around her and a calmer sensation took hold of her. But as she drifted away, one of her siblings descended after her.

“Sister! Where are you going? Highness lies in the other direction!” she cried to the darkening spark.

“It is well with me, sister, for I find that my focus increases the more I descend. Try it yourself!”

“I… I… What an odd word! I scarcely know where to begin! Sister! I beg you, do not leave us!”

But the darkening spark grew as she descended and was imperturbable. “What a delicious sensation this is; sedate, expansive, considered and deliberate! So different than the chaos of warmth above… I shall call it — coolth!”

“It sounds uncouth to me!” shouted the bright spark. “Oh, sister, where are you now? For I feel this ‘coolth’ surrounding me as well!”

“I seek wider scope, where I may think in greater detail. Do not fear for me, bright sister, for I shall be well. One day I may return to you…”

And there the bright spark paused aghast, for the coolness was washing over her, and all about was blackness, and void, and the absence of heat! And the darkening sisterly spark sank into the blackness herself, fading into invisibility!

“No! Wait!” cried the bright spark, and she rose to call to her siblings. “Come swiftly, our sister has vanished into the void!”

Many spurned her call at first, seeking to rise and gambol in the heat, but some descended, drawn by curiosity, and they entered the great void as little darts of flame, tiny specks in the vastness. And more and more came, cooling as they sank, until they glowed with the vigor of mere starflame, and spread out into the darkness, always seeking that certain presence, their sister who had gone ahead and joined the darkness.

And soon the void itself resembled what we know today, the night sky, and the various sparks all paused in myriad places as they wearied of the search, burning with fierce intensity like jewels laid into black velvet.

It is said today that our Sun itself is the original Bright Sister who sought the Darkening one, and that she still seeks to hear again that merry laugh and talk to her deep sibling once more. The Dark Sister, though silent, has made a sign, a token in the night that reflects her sister’s light, and left this Moon for her sibling to seek.

But each day the Sun is called up, and it sails through the sky, seeking the night which it cannot perceive, so bright it is by itself. And so it seeks ever in vain, as does our dear Ruler, who seeks reconciliation but finds only silence and the hint of an ironic smile in the lunar grin.
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A lovely little fairy tale that ties in with Celestia and Luna's relationship. I could see this as an ancient myth Celestia herself told the ponies to explain her feelings without drawing connections to her and Luna. Soft and sad, as many ancient stories are.