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It Comes Sooner Every Year · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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The walls in the mall are...
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The deadlines come sooner with every round.
I am in.
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Every participant gets a medal!
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· · >>Monokeras
Yet again, I don't get the email notification until AFTER the writing is over.

Roger, I've asked over and over again for longer writing times, and I don't understand why you're still giving us just one day to write. It doesn't make any sense. Not everybody wants to do nothing but sloppy speedfics. And it isn't even possible to participate, since your software doesn't send out the email until hours after the contest has started! It should send it a week in advance to make it even possible for me to schedule an entire day just for writing. (Which I won't do anyway, since I'm not interested in speed-writing shitfics.)
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>>Bad Horse
Ok BH, next time I promise I’ll warn you.
But I saw the schedule posted on FimFic, or did I dream?

You get one week for short stories. Minifics are still written within a single 24h period.

(That being said, your comments are welcome BH)
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· on Princess Equestria and the Five Hundred Word Crackfic · >>GroaningGreyAgony
This reminds me of a Present Perfect fic.

I understand the joke and appreciate the punchline, but this suffers from not really having any connection to MLP aside from the Princess' name and being-a-horse-ness. If this were more grounded in the world of MLP, it would have more charm besides the basic 'this is a crackfic' humor.
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· on Nine Hundred Years · >>Monokeras
You could probably cut off the first 200 words of this story, and it would benefit.

The most interesting line in this piece to me was Celestia's "The moon falls steadily towards us," because I thought the implication was that the moon was imminently Majora's Mask-style falling to earth. When it then revealed that this was just rephrasing lore we already know, I lost interest.

Additionally, the most significant emotion in this piece comes from the meta-knowledge that (in her eyes) Celestia is going to fail Sunset eventually too. If you play more on that point, the piece will be stronger.
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· on Holiday Creep · >>Griseus
This starts as a funny piece about the insidious creep of Christmas marketing, but I think the addition of the zombies cheapens the commentary.

Especially because the piece starts describing the inner conflict that Diamond feels knowing that she has to run this store someday, which she doesn't seem to have a choice in. The piece would work much better if it stayed on that topic, and showed Diamond struggling with the reality of capitalism that she's inherited -- Holiday Creep happens because it makes money, and her job is to make more money now, so fuck off Luster Dawn, you don't get to have a fluffy spider.
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· · >>Griseus
I have Arted. Anyone else?
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· · >>GroaningGreyAgony
Not me. I don't want to hurt people more than I have to with my writing. Haven't arted for real in decades.
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· · >>Griseus
Do you consider your drawing pen to be mightier than the sword?
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Used that pen even less than my sword.
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· on Holiday Creep
>>Dubs_Rewatcher Yeah... you right. Should have stuck with one theme or the other. Bit off my than I could chew here trying cram this story into 666 words for my own shits and giggles. Wanted to stay with the serious message of fucking Christmas coming sooner and sooner ever year. Mean, I start my shopping in September after my birthday because I want to avoid the rush, getting ripped off, not waiting to the last second and I rather not wade though ice and snow with my hips.

Then I got into a discussion about not pushing a message that week and on the day of the writing, I was interrupted quite a bit from my writing. So... yeah. Need to work on my focus along with everything else.
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· on Princess Equestria and the Five Hundred Word Crackfic

250 Words More

Thanks for the memories. This actually refers to my fimfic about Princess Equestria, which started life as a more refined literary version of Poultron's deleted story, The Quest for the Friendship Stones. Yeah, I know.
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· on Nine Hundred Years
I agree wholeheartedly Dubs.

Fact is, except in rare occasions where the prompt lends itself to an obvious crackfic of sorts, I don’t have very much to tell within the framework of MLP, especially because I've decided to limit myself to the first three seasons. I don’t like the idea of a Twilight alicorn, and so I reject every further development of the show. Most of the time, I write about princesses because I like to give to those minifics a metaphysical approach, or at least tinge.

Meanwhile, in cases like this where the prompt cannot be easily shoehorned into something funny, I sort of transform the event into an opportunity to work on style and wording. I was especially happy of your comment on the Discord thread. This little slice of life hit the spot, I guess. Which is more than enough to make me happy. Thanks Dubs! ♡