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Lost Cause · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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#1 · 5
· on Neighapolitan
Oh, Rarity. Your education is without peer, we just won't ask where you learned that.

Best story of the writeoff, bar none.
#2 · 2
· on Neighapolitan
I just don't understand the issue with Applejack and Rainbow Dash sharing ice cream in the closet.

Was it an intervention for an overweight friend? Was it a pizza party for Sweetie Belle, where adults were discouraged from causing too much disruption? Was the ice cream of a special vintage, to be saved for the occasion of Rarity's first born child?

Perhaps during a muggy night in the city one might be agonized by the memory of a damned cold treat--but AJ and RD can hardly be blamed for that, whatever the circumstance might have been.

This is a kind of cautionary tale against traveling to Italy, in my view. Stay away if you don't want your taste in artisanal food products get in the way of friendly interactions with your cider-guzzling townie friends.

Excellent word count.