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Modern Fairy Tales · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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· · >>Monokeras
"Once upon a time..." The Good Fairy paused with her dripping quill held in mid-air.

"What is it?" asked the lion curled up at the bottom of her desk.

"Well, it's just normally something happens around this point." She sat there for a time, looking out the window at the beautiful morning. "Oh, to heck with it. Let's go bother some kindly woodsman. It's too nice to stay inside."
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Well, that will be a sub-par entry (assuming I’m not the only one to enter). I apologise for this. Cassius convinced me to watch ‘Blade Runner 2048’ at the beginning of the writing period, and the movie kept haunting me for a while.

Next time, I shall put off any distraction until the writing is done.
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· · >>Monokeras
In, and draft is edited. Good luck to all entrants!
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· · >>GroaningGreyAgony
Lol, I know which is yours :)
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Shh, don't tell me. I'm still working on which one you did. : )