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Hello Everyone. If you are reading this, this means that, and I quote, "I'm back!" :D

I already had story in the works and I believe it worked really well with this prompt. I already submitted it and I can't wait for you all to read it. I know it might not get views but I hope that I will get a good response for it. Took me all three days to make it and I am happy with the result. Take care everyone and I will see you again soon.

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Hello Everyone. So I guess it shows that I am the one who made the story, A New Beginning. When I was making it I was watching that video that everyone has been talking about. I was inspired by it and I thought doing it like this would have worked. I guess now that it didn't do so well in the polling but at least I gave it try. I know it was better then the time I made that story that was the Heineken James Bond reenactment that I did. Anyway I thought I did good, maybe my writing needs more tuning or I need to slow down and flesh out the details, even though I had three days to get the idea in my head and write it done. Well anyway my story is done and now it shall be shipped off to a worthy editor.

I like to thank everyone that had reviewed my story and gave it there honest opinion, which a lot of it was on the construction of the story and the technical side of things; seems I would never win on that front. Though I would like to thank Cold In Gardez for praising me on that part, the having the idea and going with it plan. I really appreciate that and that really helped me out because I really believe the story to be a winner if not at least get into the second half of the competition. I will try to flesh out this story and try to get some editors to look into this.

That is all everyone and good luck to you all in the second half of the finals. I got a story to edit.

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Have an idea down, but only one day to finish. I can do this.

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Another one comes, and I have a good general idea of what I want to write, just hope that the prompts that I like are chosen. Also, I'm really feeling it, and I hope that I can advance back up to the top, or at least into the second round.

Also, whoever wrote in, Where the Heart Lies, I feel like that it's the title to my own story on Fim. Not sure if by accident or inspiration, I thank you good sir and or madam. :)
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Alright I got an idea brewing, not sure what will come of it but it will be something. See you all in a few days.
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And with that that comes to the end of my entries. I hope they were fair and balanced and that everyone understood what I had said. I hope my story gets the same common courtesy and gets reviewed based on content and story instead of the critical grammar issues within. I believe I did well with my work and actually writing more into my own draft from the suggestions that have been made and I hope it gets up there in the polls.

Otherwise, if it doesn't, I can still send it to anyone who is an editor here and can dissect it and cross stitch it back up and make it better once again.

Good luck to the rest of you and I can't wait for the end result. :)
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So we are no longer commenting on the main page on Fim then and having discussion here? Or will the reviews be done on the main page on Fim and not here?

Don't get me wrong the comment system is interesting here, but I just need to understand with the new rules in all. Can someone care to explain please?

Also can't wait with the new round on Fim. Can't wait to see which prompt will be chosen. :)
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>>QuillScratch Thanks for that. Actually having comments on your stories does sound better then looking at a reviews on the Fim page and having to scroll through long explanations. Thanks for notifying me of that.
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Alright. Can't wait to get into this writeoff. Look forward to getting into writing again!
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There is also the possibility that the notification on the Wrtieoff Association page on Fim has not been made known. I happen to know this by chance just by checking the date.