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In Name Only · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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#1 ·
I guess I'm surprised to see a feminine figure being hanged, when it was a boy in the story. I also don't understand why so many of the words have to do with seeing. Oh, now I guess I get it? The underlines obscured one word for me. I though it was "blood," which would fit with the story's dark themes, but it's "blind." So all the words have to do with seeing, and all the missing letters are "i." As a thematic thing, I could see that meaning something like "I am gone," but I don't really understand what that would mean. Dave's thought as he dies, maybe?

That said, this is supposed to be inspired by the story, not necessarily taken directly from it, and it's an interesting thing to unpack and digest.
#2 ·
The "missing i's" took me a minute, but immediately upon clicking, raised my estimation of the piece considerably. As simple as the piece is artistically, a lot of thought clearly went into this, and it's cool to see that brought out.
#3 ·
Simple but effective. Good job at making the lines look like chalk. Thumbs up, Artist.