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Here at the End of all Things. · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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· · >>MLPmatthewl419 >>Zaid Val'Roa >>TrumpetofDoom >>Fenton >>Zaid Val'Roa
Love the colours, love the composition, love the scratches that had me double-checking that my screen didn't need cleaning and left me feeling completely uneasy. While this doesn't perfectly fit the description of the story in question, it does perfectly match the tone. Honestly? I think that's far more important.

However, I may have to abstain on this piece. My reasoning for doing so is spoilered, so as to avoid influencing others who might want to vote into abstaining:

It took me a minute, but I recognised the texture used on the mass of flesh as Dalek Caan, because I'm a massive fucking nerd who recognises this sort of thing. A cursory google image search suggests that the artist may have directly used a screencap from the show to help create the texture, as the similarity is uncanny. I may, of course, be wrong, and I don't want this to take away from just how well-composed this picture is. But I don't feel that I can judge it fairly with that knowledge. Sorry, artist!
#2 · 4
· · >>Zaid Val'Roa >>Zaid Val'Roa
You mean... this image?

Yeah, I see it too.
#3 · 1
· · >>Zaid Val'Roa
Well, it's not as though the dalek thingie was submitted as it is, there was obviously some work done to it.

Either way, while I like the image, I think it could've had a more interesting background rather than just black with a few shades of colour near the writhing mass of flesh.
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· · >>Zaid Val'Roa
I pretty much agree with >>QuillScratch on this one (holy crap, Quill, are you talking about arts? What happened? :p).
Even if I take into account that wasn't made from scratch, I still sense that you put some efforts into the composition and I respect that.

The result is effective, disturbing and quite powerful (infuriating too because I thought my screen was dirty too at first). It only deal with one aspect of the story it is based on, but I believe it truly captured that aspect.

A high tier without a doubt.
#5 · 1
· · >>Zaid Val'Roa
The scratches were indeed a subtle and well-done touch. I'm left dissatisfied by the composition, though. I can't help but feel like there was a missed opportunity to play with the entire canvas rather than just fade to black, given that the source story made a big point of the Flutterflesh being a room-filling cancerous sort of growth; by confining the composition to a single isolated lump, it really mutes for me the feeling of surrounding/overwhelming oppression that I feel like this (is? should be?) trying to convey. Maybe there's detail in the black that I just can't make out on my monitor? Anyway, thanks for submitting!
#6 · 3
"(The Flesh Is) Weak" was one of my favourite entries this round, and I only wish I'd had the time to make it justice.

Yeah, my first sketches didn't give me the impact I wanted, so I googled "writhing mass of flesh" and >>MLPmatthewl419 was the one which fit the nebelous idea I had in my head the most, so I flattened out the colours and started painting over it to get a similar feel of the flesh. I admit I should have used that as a base to flesh out (heh) my original idea, but it was the last day before the art deadline, and I wanted to submit something for the story.

>>Zaid Val'Roa
Eh, what do you know?

I'm glad you liked it, I had fun making it, and only wished I could've taken it further.

I had my fair share of issues with the background. It was originally going to be a standard room which subtly warped as it reached the Fleshieshy. Sadly, the effect didn't look nowhere near how I envisioned it and I had to fiddle with it until It looked somewhat interesting, but then it clashed with the tones on the blob, so I had to darken it so she could at least stand out a little bit.


I'm glad the scratches made it look nice, though, so there's that going for it. Live and learn. Hopefully I'll fare better in the future.