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But First, We Need to Talk About Parallel Universes · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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Prompt Score
In Russia, They Put Jam in Their Tea 3
All the Lives You've Never Known 9
Metamorphosis 9
Rules of Engagement 12
Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine US Dollars 7
Dark Legends 4
Rex Parentis 1
The Taste of Yesterday 5
Hopes Unbroken 8
Smirkageddon 2
True Story 5
Authors are Going Nuts Over This Weird Trick to Win Writeoffs!!! 11
Ceci n'est pas une invite. 3
Eyeballs and Shakespeare 5
The Break of Dawn 6
Legends of Tomorrow 8
Time is a Finicky Thing 4
Once Upon a Time 7
Fibrous Nuggets of Covfefe 5
Taken for a Ride 5
Mission Accomplished 8
But First, We Need to Talk About Parallel Universes 14
Total Exposure 6
Make This Right 6
Dead Men Do Tell Tales 12
A Minor Apocalypse 10
Everyday Heroes 4
History can Teach 4
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles 6
Blind Spot 2
The Day When Hell Will Freeze 4
All That Glitters... 3
I'm Alone There Now, in Our Special Place, Waiting for You 6
Serendipity 4
Forcep Toothbrush 2
TBD 13
Centuries 8
Deep Black 5
No Sheets to the Wind 4
Pone Pone Pone 2