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The Twilight Zone · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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Prompt Score
Red and Black 12
Random Pretentious-Sounding Phrase 6
The Twilight Zone 22
All Work and no Play 9
Something Coffee_Minion can read to his kids 16
That's supposed to happen. 8
That's What Forever Means 16
Don't Touch That 21
It Wasn't a Dream. She Really Is Calling Me to Go to the Lake. 7
Flying High 13
The Lamest Story Never Told 10
Praise the Sun! 20
Your Hidden Side 14
The Mare, The Myth, The Legend 18
Ponies Behaving Badly 16
Pick a Random Conversation Heart and Use It as Your Prompt 6
The Haze Fan Club 6
Godshatter 13
A Glass Case of EMOTION 8
Sequels Are Never as Good as the Original 9
Kicking the Habit 11
And Then, Things Got Worse... 14
An Acquired Taste 19
Who Do You Think You Are? 16
Children of the Night 12
[Memes] 8
An Early Spring 13
You Have to the Count of Five 9
Miracle of Love 12
Take a Long Walk 12
The Unwelcoming 10
While the Princesses Sleep 18
Under The Surface 19
We're Not Gonna Take It 20
Stolen Identity 13
The World At Times May Veil Its Blessings 16
A Night To Remember 12
Fairy Tale 12
An Oddity 12
Best of Both Worlds 20
Somewhat Off the Mark 13
And Then There Were None 11
Changing of the Guard 9
I Didn't Look Back at the Wreckage. Let the Guards Find It. 5