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Take a Bow · She-Ra Short Story ·
Organised by QuillScratch
Word limit 2000–8000
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· · >>devas
Hey gang! This is probably going to be the last She-Ra writeoff for a while. The last few rounds have had pretty low entries, and being the only person to enter several contests in a row is kinda emotionally draining? That said, I spotted some discussion last round where someone wanted to give entering a go, so I figured it'd be rude to just end things there 😅

I want to take a moment now to thank everyone who has entered She-Ra rounds in the past - y'all are amazing, your entries are amazing, and you've made this little experiment in She-Ra fanfic contestery so worthwhile.

Most importantly though, I wanna give a huge shout out to Pascoite. Pasco has commented on pretty much every She-Ra fic entered in every round we've run, providing great insight and commentary that never fails to make me, at least, stop and think about things I could be doing better. And all of that without (to my knowledge) ever entering a round! What an absolute legend - thank you so much for all that hard work 🤩

And I would be remiss if I didn't thank the staff of the She-Ra discord server. Though we've stopped working together as the events just weren't drawing the interest we'd hoped, they have been nothing but patient and kind from the moment I messaged them asking if they could help us promote these contests.

So thank you, everyone! I hope anyone who wants to can enjoy this round, and I wish you all the best of luck with your entries. Stay safe, stay anonymous, and have fun ❤

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I've promoted this content on the She-Ra subreddit, and will do my best to write one or more entries.

Let's do this round properly ;-)
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Seeing as how the show has ended, and with participation numbers at an all-time low, I feel it safe to say that this will be my last go at the She-Ra group for writing. Honestly, I'm rather starving for ideas as to what to even write about. The show was never a great template for fanfic exploration imo, but with time it seems like my options have only dwindled. Maybe it's just my limited imagination. Still, if I'm to participate one last time here, I wanna try to go out on a banger. You could say that I feel it's time to put on my last act and take a bow before the audience. I can at least try.

Hopefully it'll be a good performance.