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For Real This Time · She-Ra Short Story ·
Organised by QuillScratch
Word limit 1000–8000
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#1 ·
Hey folks - special one-off She-Ra round thrown into the schedule as a few people felt that there wasn't enough time between the season 5 release and the last contest! To make things a little more fun & accessible, I've dropped the minimum word count to 1k, and we're trying out a simultaneous pic & fic round so everyone can get in on the fun.

As always, keep your entries anonymous, drop me a message if you've got questions, and have fun ❤
#2 ·
· on Does Anyone Else Want One?
I like the composition, but something about the money is going over my head. Not sure how that ties into the title, the prompt, or the hover text.
#3 ·
· on We Find Ordinary Life Among the Stars
I like the theme to this, that Hordak and Catra are very alike in their situations and find some solidarity in that. There were a few editing errors, not much. Really, the overall thing that threw me is how much of this relied on exposition. Rather than assure me things had been awkward between them, show me some scenes of that happening. Watching a specific instance of it that's illustrative of the big picture will always connect more with readers than having to trust that the narrator is correct in providing a generalized summary of it. It also takes a significant portion of the story to establish when it's happening. At first, it's just Catra and Adora and a couple others on the ship, and it could have been a side moment of what happened on the way back from rescuing Catra. Then Hordak's there, so I have to re-evaluate that. Now I place it probably after the finale, but I don't know how long. The how long part can wait, but it would help if right at the beginning you say something to make it clear this is post-finale.

And then the obvious question. Two events in a row only get one entry, and they're both by the same person. Is the current world climate keeping people's interest away from participating in these? The latest pony round still got a good number of entries, though. With the show ending, participation isn't likely to go up. Is it time to call these off?