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Glass Masquerade
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What Lies Behind Glass Masks
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· · >>GroaningGreyAgony
Thought I'd try my hand at someone else's gimmick now that prompts are closed...

Through Fire, My City Was Gone, An Isolated Incident
Awkward..., We Don't Talk Anymore, It Will Claim Us All, That Feeling You Get When You've Forgotten Something Important
An Idle Stroll, Beating Dead Horses at What They Have Done, A Paper Crown
Two Ways Out, A Way Out, No Way Out, A Long Pause, Running on Fumes
Third Side of the Coin, Cyberbully, Not Even a Little Bit
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· on The 100% Accurate Legend of the Once and Future Hero of Light
So I really should get around to making full reviews of all of these stories but I just wanted to pass along my reading of the end of this one to >>Pascoite.

The boy is the person that Tiff stole the fishing rod from early in the story to try and catch herself some food and he is the real Hero of Light of prophesy. He Missed The Call because he was being all cuddly and cute with a girl. Had he not skipped out on fishing that day to go and help this other girl with something he would have been the one to find the sword instead of Tiff.

The bones are the real Necromancer Queen that Magpie got her extra finger from. "Happy" to be burred and forgotten and just left alone.
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Hah! Got a prompt in this time!
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Tiny horse tiny fic time
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>>Baal Bunny
That prompt was mine. I don't tend to re-submit prompts so I've not problem coming forward on it. I thought of the normal "circus" variant but that's overdone and then because of the way my mind works the word "circus" matched to "citrus" when I thought of ways to re-use an old phrase.

I was planing on doing a story about main-land doctors looking into a new "wounder food" coming from "the island people" that was proving to be viable prevention/cure of a deadly illness they hadn't been able to treat before.

The reveal at the end was going to be that they were treating scurvy with lemons.


Sadly I'm going to have pass this round, some things have come up that is going to suck away all of my time in the next few weeks.
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· on "Well, this is new."
Ooooooh, I get it. Couldn't really tell what was going on from the small thumb nail but seeing the full size image makes it obvious. Very nicely done.

But what does it mean? Is something going to be thrown up into the air?
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· · >>Baal Bunny
I like how not even the person who submitted it voted for "A Bird in the Kush"...

And i'm seeing "We Come in Peace" and "In Name Only" as tied. How was the tie breaker chosen?

Now I need my brain to come up with something to use this prompt for.
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>>Miller Minus
There is only one choice for me.

The best bird

The number one bird.

#24763 · 1
*Sighs* Missed prompt submission again darn it. I'm always just a little bit off... .
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As Mister Rosewater is fond of saying "restrictions breed creativity". All you need for this one is a hurricane of some sort but just how does the eye of one "blink"?