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The prompt submission seems a little sparse
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>>Anon Y Mous
That's very informative, thank you :-)
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I apologize for being late to the party and having to have things explained to him, but...since the prompt gets chosen tomorrow, but writing doesn't start until the 24th, what's stopping people from starting to write before the actual writing period?

Aside from the honor code, I mean

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Huh. Prompts are anonymous too, right?
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Welp, I've submitted something. Time to see if I can do a hat trick and enter with more than one story.
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Dangit, this conflicts with my schedule a bit. Time to hammer away at my calendar
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Made it with a whole seven minutes to spare.
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>>Zaid Val'Roa
It does feel a bit empty right now, yes
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Wonder how much Christmas is going to affect this round
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· on The Sad Life of a Solitary Mage · >>Ranmilia >>AndrewRogue
Loved the ending line.

Very much cutting the Gordian knot there, dude.

This feels like the first chapter for a semi-successful web-serial, but I don't know if the core idea is sustainable in the long run; still, so far it's the best of the fics I've read (that being four).
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Aaaaannnnndddd done. Always feel happy entering in one of these, even if I've never placed very high :-)
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· on Letters from the Unknown
Heh. Pretty good.
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· on You’d Better Skip This One.
Man, apparently parallel universes bring out the meta conversations in all of us.
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· on Blind Dating in a World Gone Mad · >>AndrewRogue
Actually really liked it. Gold star.


I can see your point about this not feeling self-contained, but I think that given the limitations of the minific this story did the best it could.

I....think that the only way to close the story would be to add a line from Vivienne's mind about something something optimism, but it runs the risk of feeling fake.
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· on Selection · >>Ranmilia
I...don't understand how the prompt was used here?

And yeah, I can empathize with the data collection part but...if the only results in line with the expectations are the ones where the assistant where drunk or the coolant levels were wrong, doesn't that actually suggest that the procedure is flawed (perhaps in the amount of coolant that should be used?)
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· on Walking With A Goddess · >>eusocialdragon
Touching. So far the best I've read, but I've only read three.
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I was completely convinced I wasn't going to make it, and instead...wow. Guess a forced vacation and no time aren't enough to stop me from writing :-)

(Although gods, writing everything on a tablet wasn't easy)
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Huh. TBD as a prompt speaks to me.
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· on The Bliss of Ignorance · >>Ranmilia
Now that the contest is over (and I have some free time) I can finally reply to you all!



I think I invented a whole new language, just so I could swear correctly. Guess this is what happens when you do shift work AND do overtime nearly every day :-/


Uber-meta approach was not on purpose :-( Parts of the bad writing WERE on purpose, but not as much as I think you think they were, making it, like, 25% on purpose.

Thanks! :-)


Didn't save this for a non-pony round because my brain automatically skipped the MLP part of the contest :-( I'm sad about this too.


From a Doylist point of view, that would defeat the whole point of the character (also, see the fact that the main character's immunity also works on mind-control). From a Watsonian point of view, it's certainly been tried before, and it didn't work. Or it didn't work consistently enough to be safe.
Thank you! And yeah, this a complete and honest blunder: the fact that it placed as it did is...correct, I guess? I'm unsure of what word to use.
You are correct! As a concept, this started out as Worm fanfiction (and I have in fact posted it elsewhere, with names, events and organizations, on a different site).

Although I'm not sure what you're talking about, with
Even here, the dread spectre of Wormfic reaches out with its icy talons. We cannot escape. We can never escape.

I've only found Worm fanfic on one site, and it's a very, very small fandom :-/ Where else is it, so I can read it?

And I chose those particular generic popular media titles on purpose, because I wanted to convey to the reader the idea that the character is not reading for pleasure, but out of obligation, and that all the titles have been chosen by committee (in fact, the character has probably had to wait a long time for the approval to read some titles instead of others, based on "expert opinion" and other such things").
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I feel your pain. I also had to do some questionable cutting to make it all fit in.

Also, been a while since I managed to do one of these, which made me happy :-)
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As long as you give it your best, who cares what the subject is about?
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· on Death Party

Honestly, this is something I wish more political leaders would consider doing. Going undercover to feel the actual pulse of the nation.

Eh. Maybe all the alicorns can switch, so that one at a time there is always someone actually immersed in the recent culture
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· on Relinquishing · >>Chris
I don't know, this story just didn't click for me.

I mean, it's just...there.

Twilight hasn't really learned anything, Celestia doesn't exactly have any good thoughts to offer...I mean, this can be read as a simple comment on the state of things which will be forgotten in half an hour :-/
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· on Sage Advice · >>MrExtra
This is the second time I've seen a snippet not contain the prompt at all; is that a common thing now in the writeoff group?

I just got back from a long while of not checking the group out :-/
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· on Introduction to Amareican Civics · >>FanOfMostEverything

Good for a quick laugh, I guess.

Although now I'm really interested in a sequel where Sunset tries to map out how this massive divergence happened, possibly realizing that immortality is even more of a game changer than she thought.
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