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Who knows?
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· on Medicine
I'm so-so about this. Exploring some of the diseases of the pony world is definitely with the theme, if you permit generalising some of the "rot" theme away. But the execution is lacking. An attempt has clearly been made to keep it short, but the dialogue remains lacklustre and indistinct. The effects and symptoms of Swamp Fever are weakly represented. Discord doesn't really sound like Discord. There is nothing to explain why a bear would need specifically Flash Bee honey to last through the winter, only that he likes it. I would personally have Discord ridicule Fluttershy's tendency to confuse "like" with "need to live". The whole "teaching" bit just moves the goalposts but does not excuse it.

Fluttershy's alright. Discord needs real work.
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· on At the Funeral Pyre
It may be an innocent way of treating death, even for animals, but I believe it fits the setting quite well. It may just be a little tale told to critters to help them understand. And as was said, the last line is very effective in putting it all in a specific perspective. It turns it from a simple perspective about the cycle of life and death into more of a reassurance. "It won't be so bad even after we die, so don't fret so much."

While imagery of wriggling maggots may border on the grotesque, this is certainly no Baudelaire. It is used in a way to illustrate, not elicit disgust.

Overall: It's up there.
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· on Murder Most Fowl · >>CoffeeMinion
The title tells you well enough what Princess Raven is going to do next.

Canterlot is going to feast for weeks. After they clean up, that is.
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· on Iron Hearted · >>Bachiavellian
>>Tempest picked up one of Zecora’s gardening tools in her teeth
>>jumping to her feet
Is it horse or man? Make up your mind.