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You wanna die?
Poetry Minific
Paper Planes
Why doesn't it rhyme?
Poetry Minific
Until The Night
Why doesn't it rhyme?
Poetry Minific
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· on A Thin Crescent on the Water
According to fable, the author still sells sea shells on the sea shore to this very day.
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· on Ethereal Dreams · >>_Moonshot
I enjoyed reading this. Thank you, author
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· on The Ghost
I read this last in part due to its length. I found the opening to be quite strong, and the impression overall is that this is a solid piece; though I imagine the ending could have been more powerful.

I'm happy with what I'm taking away from this poem.
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· on Night Walker · >>Anon Y Mous >>Anon Y Mous
Bleed, drip, nectar, cherry:
I'm liking that half of the imagery.
Not sure why other than its kind of my thing.

I find the opening up to the last of those words fantastic and a somewhat linear decline of my enjoyment after that.

Give me more fluids, I guess, author. There's something visceral to that.

( Red + Night Walker =Desert Walker )
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· on Until The Night
>>LoftyWithers yup, defo smells of ponies.
Maybe a frustrated and grieving Celestia immediately after the banishment?
I wonder why the fourth last line is not capitalised.

Not quite sure how the archer imagery fits into this narrative, though.

Song: Sun (duh).
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· on Well, this one does. Kinda. · >>Bachiavellian
Good alibi.
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· on Probably Not Innuendo
I liked this more the second and third readings
I actually kind of like this
It's cute
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· on Spooky Future Haikus
Light futurist reading. I especially like the format. Sign me down as a fan.

Especially if there are ponies. There are ponies.

Considered one by one I found the haiku to be hit or miss; yet it didn't bother me much.
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· on Rescuer
>>Anon Y Mous
Fuck, the moon rises gives so many /feels/
Chills especially. We should talk pony music on Discord sometime!
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· on ‏‏‎ ‎
I thought the poem might be about Friendship is Optimal.