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I hope to get back into fanfiction writing!
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Waaaa my computer fried in a storm, but I'll try my best to participate regardless.
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· on The Town of Ponyville v. Cutie Mark Guidance Services, Ltd.
This is my favorite, and I want it to win.

It has a clear idea and it's a very good idea. I adore how the crusaders pop from the rest of the image .

The only concerns I have are the fact that the most of the lines in this image seem well defined except the judge's hair. This kinda suggests that most of the elements in this picture were heavily referenced. The Crusaders specifically look like vectors I've seen. I'd say this is fine though. I'd also say that trying to emulate the traditional mediums of courtroom sketches isn't completely successful here. The jury and the judge are separated from the furniture in in a way that might have been done more successfully with the same blending that's used in the Judge's coat. (The fur, not the clothes.)

But overall, yeah, this is a really good image. I love it!
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· on Elder Wisdom Looms
I can't read runes too well at all. I think it says 'b├Žum' or 'beum'? The photo itself is nice. It fits the prompt well.
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· on Babel
>>Miller Minus

Hey, thank you for taking the time to read this and sharing your thoughts and words!

Due to time constraints, this story ended up not taking the shape I had originally hoped. The abrupt ending came from me slapping a few sentences to the tail of what I had and submitting it with the last 20 or so seconds left. The title was even rushed onto it. I was hoping to make the title a linguistic pun of the Hebrew word for 'tall'.

The major part of this story was supposed to be about how the main character escaped the tower she helped create. The major obstacles were supposed to be the fact that she couldn't understand anyone else in the building, and the fact that the oblong revisions were counterproductive in the case of a fire drill. It ended up being 1/4th of the whole story in the end which, uh, makes it fall pretty flat. I also didn't get a chance to flaunt all of the details I wanted to incorporate into it, and the details I did get a chance to flaunt were half baked.

Anyway! I studied my linguistics books and went online (admittedly on Wikipedia, especially for the bible stuff) for all the language and history related details in the story. Each month is part of the Hebrew calendar, which has a theme applied to it that I tried to incorporate. The languages used in the middle portion are romanized translations of languages like Amharic, Egyptian, Sinitic (specifically Mandarin) Hebrew, and for fun I added in Basque and a secret special language. I love languages, and they were supposed to be a large part of the story!
I had to look pretty much everywhere to get an accurate portrayal of Babylon and its size, but an old humanities text provided a pretty decent reference. The architectural knowledge I have is incredibly limited, so I hoped my mechanical drafting and physics knowledge would carry me over while I glanced at maybe like, two google pages about the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower. I should have studied skyscraper construction a tad more. I wanted to bring science into this legend because it would be cool.

As for the characters' lack of depth, that was either my inexperience as a writer, the fact that my story is pretty much cut in half, or both. I usually try to show character through dialogue, and I don't know if that's a bad practice or not so I cut the dialogue short.
Oh, as for my overabundance of typos: those were just typos. I couldn't get anyone to read over the story with me, and I was out of time. Perhaps it was careless, but I figured it was better to submit something rather than nothing at all. Next time, I'll divvy up my efforts differently!

Again, thank you for reading!
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· on A Little Shortcut

my god.

I like this one, Nice, nice.
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· on Beat it! (beat it)
I like this scene going on here. It's a traditional knife fight. Though it's a bit different from it's story depiction, it, in and of itself, is a neat idea. The tied up hooves is a good touch.

Sunset's pose is super well done here! The anatomy is good overall. I also like the very simple expressions of malice.

The big oval shadow at the bottom seems slightly out of place for me. It might be how the lineart was done for the girls vs the very clean edge of the shadow. It might have tied into the picture better if the shadow was drawn in a different way.

Nice picture, all in all!
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· on a little shortcut · >>Haze
This is very cute.

The medium used here, (I'm going to assume it's a marker, maybe brush tipped? A Tombow? Artistloft?) is used well on certain portions. I can see the change in lineweight in the hair and her hoof.

One thing though, the part that should be more of a major subject in the image, is the horn. Her horn here is somewhat easy to miss with a glance. If it were larger and maybe if the focus of the image was oriented differently, it would be more prominent. Otherwise it's hard to understand what the image is 'about.'

The image is very cute though.
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· on Crazy ol' Applejack
This is a well put together piece! The shot is framed well, there's cool contrasts, and the cake looks really well drawn.

I'm going to try to avoid restating what other people have already said.
Starlight's profile is well drawn and the colors of their coats are well rendered. There's like a blue reflected light that comes off of the cake that would suggest it's coming from Starlight. It just shows there's a good deal of atmospheric harmony. The fur on Applejack's hooves are a nice touch. The linework and brush shape you use is very painterly, which complements your style of blending.

One thing, (which might come off as a nitpick, but bare with me) is the sink isn't just a bit askew, but it's kinda misplaced. At least it seems so. Kitchen sink edges aren't normally flush with the edges of the counters they're built into. Also, the cabinets and most of the counter feels too straight. Like, the edges are too clean. It doesn't fit well with the painterly style, though it's pretty fine.The sunlight, which is rendered well, draws the eye from that information anyway. Preserving the opacity and adding light on the table's lines was a good touch, and it might have looked nice on the girls too.

This is a real good one. Very well done!
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· on Photo Collage: Owl City Above Mouse City
I thought this was an AD