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Lucky Me · Original Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
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Getting Lucky
There once was a man who thought he was cursed, because it seemed like nothing went right for him. Today at the beginning was such a time to confirm his belief. The dream job he applied for in the morning for was denied him due to the owner's whim. The woman he pined for shunned him and chose another more worthy pick. The car he drove broke down right around at dusk because it was old and rusty. He thought himself with poor luck, but in fact his luck was great.

The dream job was at a small company with good pay, nice benefits and room to advance. He was denied this and instead had to find work someplace else. That place the pay wasn't as good, the benefits not as nice and there was no advancement there. In a couple of years he started his own business and it was moderately successful. The small company that didn't hire him? It's owner and employees were doing shady things, eating people and the law caught up with them. They were all severely punished by death.

The woman who shunned him did so because he didn't get the job. While he was heart broken, for an afternoon, it really was for the best. He would find someone soon. While this woman had nice assets and good tastes, one of her problems with her was that she was demanding. She wanted the mates to be rich and healthy. Another of her problems is she went through a lot of mates. Why? She would take them for all they were worth, kill them and eat the healthy parts. The law did catch up with her. In the end she was found guilty of many crimes and was put to death. The man dodged a cleaver there.

The old car that broke down was a blessing in disguise. The sun was setting and he hit a pothole. This in turn caused something to break and in a few miles he had to pull over to the side of the road. If he didn't stop there and kept on going, a speeding freight train would have smashed into the vehicle because the track signal wasn't working and he wasn't paying attention due to his perceived misfortunes. The man cursed his cell phone because it didn't get any bars and he had to look for help. This was really good luck because that day a crazed cannibal took over the county tow service.

Our man walked a couple of miles and was picked up by a deputy on the hunt for said man eater. The deputy was a cute woman whose brother ran a repair shop. Her brother was the one who called about the problem with the cannibal. They took care of the issue before he could feast on human pork. Later this cannibal was also put to death. The brother couldn't repair the car, but did sell him another old rusty car to the man that lasted a long time . Also the man and the deputy hit it off. One thing led to another and they were getting lucky. Really lucky.

A little too lucky, because the protection they were using didn't work. It was pretty unlucky and a baby was soon on the way. Though, they did like each other enough to make things work and within time they grew to love each other. He got a job, they got married, got fired, stared a successful business, and she went on to catch a shady business owner and black-widow cannibal. There were good times and bad times. All and all the man along with the woman counted themselves lucky.

It also helped that they weren't cannibals and I am grateful to my parents for this.
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I'm not even sure what to say about this...

Why is there so much cannibalism going on? That's really the only thing that makes me wonder if this isn't taking place in our world, but that one difference is so random and out of the blue that I don't know what to make of it. The events that happen are fine enough, but it's hard to engage with the characters when it's all in this summary mode that's so distant from them. We don't even see any of it happen. It's just all told to us after the fact. So when it comes to things finally going right for this guy, I'm not attached enough to him to feel good or bad for him. It kind of feels like you're going for an O. Henry ironic atmosphere, but it's not quite getting there.