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I Regret Nothing · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
Friends Forever, Insides and Outside
Friends Forever, Insides and Outside

“Scootaloo, are you sure I need my appendix removed?”

Apple Bloom squirmed around on the table beneath the loose straps that were supposed to restrain her while Sweetie Belle flipped through the book they had borrowed from the library. Scootaloo pressed her back down on the table with one hoof and picked up the saw in her teeth.

“Relax, Apple Bloom. The book says an appendix doesn’t have any real use, so we can’t go wrong by taking it out. Besides, you said you’ve got a tummy ache, and the book said that’s one of the symptoms.”

Sweetie Belle continued to flip through the back of Neigh’s Anatomy. “I still think we need an annystesia spell before you start operating. You know how much it hurts when you crash your scooter, and this is a lot more cutting. Maybe we should ask Twilight first.”

“How are we supposed to get our cutie marks if we can’t try new things?” said said Scootaloo, waving the saw. “Besides, we got a bottle of annystesia from your sister’s dressing cabinet. We just need to apply it.”

“I don’t think—” Whatever Sweetie Belle was trying to say was cut off as Scootaloo unscrewed the top from Rarity’s bottle of Anastasia perfume and poured it over Apple Bloom’s bare tummy.

“That sure is strong,” said Sweetie Belle through a fit of coughing as she opened a window in the clubhouse. “My sister only puts a drop behind each ear when she goes out on dates.”

“That should do it,” said Scootaloo, prodding her patient with the saw, or at least attempting to prod Apple Bloom. Her eyes were so filled with tears that it was difficult to make out the table, let alone her friend. “We’ll get our cutie marks in surgery for sure this time.”

“Wait a minute,” protested Apple Bloom though a coughing fit of her own. “What would a cutie mark for cutting out an appendix look like anyway?”

“An appendix, probably,” said Scootaloo. “Did you find a picture of one in the book, Sweetie Belle? I’d kinda hate to cut the wrong thing out of Apple Bloom and have to sew it back in.”

“Found it!” declared Sweetie Belle, plunking the book down on the table.

All three friends looked at the picture while waving their hooves in an attempt to get some fresh air.

After an exceedingly long time, Scootaloo said, “Ewww. It’s a worm.”

“Ah’m not sure I want that on my flank,” said Apple Bloom. “‘Sides, my tummy don’t hurt too much any more. It was probably them green apples we had for lunch.”

“Maybe if we tried something a little prettier, like heart surgery,” suggested Sweetie Belle. “I’m sure Twilight would be willing to help us out, and we wouldn’t have to get blood all over our clubhouse table.”

“Fine, I suppose,” groused Scootaloo, putting the saw back into the clubhouse toolbox. “I guess this was just another dead end on our search for cutie marks. Let’s go over to the library and talk to Twilight.”

“Doctor Scootaloo? Are you having second thoughts about the operation?” The gown-clad nurse who touched Scootaloo on the shoulder smiled hesitantly as the famous cardiac surgeon shook herself out of her thoughts and looked at the thick folder of papers spread out across the table.

“No, Nurse Widget. Just remembering what it was like during my first surgery. Are you nervous?”

“N-no.” The young nurse brushed a strand of mane back under her paper cap and swallowed.

“Well, I certainly was back then,” said Scootaloo with a reassuring smile. “You’ll do just fine. How is the patient?”

“Anesthesiologist Belle says he’s fully sedated and his vitals are strong. Doctor Bloom has the rest of the transplant team assembled and ready to go just as soon as the donor heart gets here, which should be any minute now. We just need to scrub up and get into the operating theatre.”

“Very good, Nurse Widget.” Scootaloo took a moment to look back at the bright red heart on her flank before shrugging into her own operating gown and stepping up to the scrubbing station.

“Let’s go save a life.”
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