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Under the Surface · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Prompt Score
Everything Is Perfect 6
I Tried to Save Them 7
Final Feast 5
When Everyone's Special, No One Is 7
Picture This... 5
Writing on the Wall 10
Serendipity 6
Ashes of Civilization 14
Innuendo 2
Glory is Fleeting but Obscurity is Forever 4
The fox guarding the henhouse... 5
This Broken Fence, Between Past and Present Tense 8
Break Time 8
Fuck Binaries 7
Falling With Style 6
Doomed 5
We're Still Submitting Prompts Don't Try to Vote You Idiot 9
Pain is Game 5
Heaven Is in the Sky 8
Loved to Death 12
Slayer of Giants 4
Ask not for whom the bone bones, it bones for thee 4
Into the Unknown with Both Feet. 4
"Don't Quote Me On That" 4
We Have Met the Enemy, and They are Us 9
Under the Surface 14
Blue Blood Supermoon; The Lunar Trifecta 4
Weekend Warrior 6
Snake Swallowing Tail 6
Among the Clouds 11
Superhero. 3
The One who sees His shadow 6
Freedom of Choice 12
At the Edge 11
Skyflight 8
Whatever You Would Do, Do It Now 9