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TBD · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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Prompt Score
Pinkie Pie isn't Allowed Firearms Anymore 6
May You Find Your Worth in the Waking World 8
Ot 10
Bone-Hurting Juice 3
Replacement Parts 9
Perfect Chemistry 9
Now I Am Become Harmony, Uniter of Worlds 9
On Your Marks 5
That Pony Is Dead 13
Through The Looking Glass 9
I've Made a Huge Mistake 11
Hold Your Horses 12
Sad Sunbutt 8
The Shape of Things to Come 11
Serendipity 7
Pants 7
Leading the Charge 9
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too 8
Pushing the Limit 10
Twice the Fun, Double the Cake 4
Car(t) Wash! 3
The Right Stuff 7
Unintended Consequences 14
TBD 14
Heartbreak 8
Latest Version of the Truth 8
Never an Honest Word 7
Old Good Friends 9
Nothing Left To Lose 9
Shattered 9
Best of Both Worlds 11
It's a Figure of Speech 10
The End? 8
A Confederacy of Dunces 7
Disqualified 6
Together The Battles Are Won 9
You Can't Touch This 8
White Lies 13
Shall We Indulge in Rishathra? 3
That Prompt You Really Wanted to Win Last Time 11
My Hero 10
Letting the Cat out of the Bag 5
From the Top 5