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Staring Into the Abyss · Original Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Prompt Score
Almost 12
Gonna Never Have To Die 7
Must It Come to This? 11
This is just the Beginning 4
Ten meter is on FIRE! 2
Literally Black Magic 17
When Scissors Cut Rock 18
Riding On High 9
If You Don't Care for Your Rose, Then Your Rose Will Fade Away 7
Let's Just Say, Hypothetically 19
Gibbrish 3
A Dragon in the Desert 16
The Night Out 13
Bound to your Desk 5
As Spring Sprung 5
A Dead Person Can't Write a Letter 13
Something CoffeeMinion and/orAndrewRogue can read to his kid(s) 10
Alternative Facts 13
I Come to Sell the Stars 13
The You Within 14
Uninvited Guests 19
Another Day, Another Dollar 4
Where in the main character doesn't know what they want. 2
Speak of the Devil 17
In the Cards 14
I've Got Five Dollars Left 5
Back to Where it All Began 9
Endless Worlds 13
The Final Voyage 16
What Lurks in the Dark 17
Sore Was I, Ere I Saw Eros 6
I Hate my Job. I Love my Job. 6
Sorry to Wake You Up 12
Just Five More Minutes 8
And Then, Things Got Worse... 15
Staring Into the Abyss 20
Harrowing Revelation 6