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The Darkest Hour · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Prompt Score
Between Sun And Moon 16
Feghoot About It 3
Twilight Sparkle Kills God 8
Not a Doctor 9
Defiance 7
Tired of the same ole routine 5
Redo from start 9
Distant Horizons 9
With Faith In Ourselves 11
Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep 8
The Solution Is Mind Control 10
We Have Such Sights to Show You 14
Fractional Reserve Harmony 7
Changelings! 9
Death and Taxes 10
Keep Calm and Carry On 8
Oooh, What a Night 8
All is Not Lost 14
On and Ever On 11
Never don't not feel your feelings 5
Home is Behind, the World Ahead 10
What Can Change the Nature of a Mare? 8
Imagine Dragons 10
Let's Do That Again! 8
October Surprise 12
The Unwanted Return 10
Virtue and Vice 13
A Second Chance 17
Confirmation Bias 11
The Missing Letter 11
Think of the Children 8
When Snouts Collide 7
Wait, I Ate WHAT?! 5
Tightly Crafted Plot Arcs 7
A Treatise of the nature of Violence. 6
Small Town Saturday Night 7
Forbidden Love 11
Random Pretentious-Sounding Phrase 6
Heroes and Villains 6
That idea you had in the shower one week after the last writeoff 9
Serendipity 9
The Darkest Hour 18
I'm Not Crazy 12