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Look, I Can Explain... · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Prompt Score
Vagaries of Destiny 13
The Wanderer 17
Dust 15
Short Notice 18
So It Was The Five Of Us Against The World 11
Hard as Nails 7
From the Depths 18
Eminent Domain 11
Bad State 9
The Sound and The Fury 12
The Simplest Trick is the Greatest 15
All These Worlds 23
To Dance with the Flutterlillies 5
New Year, Same Problems 10
It Will Never Work 20
With a Grain of Salt 18
The Lines We Draw 23
Do The Right Thing 15
Simply Complicated 18
The Nightmare I Need 12
In Your Eyes 9
This Will Just Take a Second 14
No 11
Desire 10
Great expectations 5
For the Love Of 12
The Great Hunt 11
Forbidden Fruit 19
Exploring Equestria 9
Look, I Can Explain... 24
The Mistakes We Make 13
A Glass Case of EMOTION 7
The Heart of a Poet 9
Through Innocent Eyes 13
Random Pretentious Sounding Phrase 21
Serendipity 5
Ot 10
Gott Ist Ot 7
One, Two, Three, Four 4
Amidst the Pale 6
Save me if I become my demons 5
Average Ordinary Everyday Superhero 9
Fishing in Sad Waters 5
Growing Up 9
Mixed Messages 18
Time of Their Lives 8
I Got Nothing 14
Mask 10
I Am Worst Pony And I Am Okay With That 13
The Trouble With Diversity 13
It's in the Bag 11
Older Than Dirt 20