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Behind Closed Doors · FiM Short Story ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 2000–8000
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Prompt Score
Belly of the Beast 11
Red and Black 14
Too Late 8
Gravity 9
By tooth and nail and Celestia's beard! 6
Well Stewed 9
That One Summer At Camp 5
My Cup Runneth Over 12
Live for the Fight 2
Family Recipes 6
Maybe Someday 12
Dance, My Pretties 6
An Undivided Heart 11
Nothing Left To Burn 9
Shooting The Moon 11
Academy of Power 5
A Bad Case of The Mondays 11
At the End of a Lifetime 9
On a Road Less Travelled 12
I Remember That Summer 10
A Moment of Clarity 14
What God Has Forgotten 9
On the moon 2
Where Did This Come From? 10
Choosing Happiness 8
Words of Power 15
Funny You Should Mention That 13
Plan B 16
An Apple a Day 10
Beyond the Sea 9
The Perfect Present 15
No Such Thing as Perfection 11
What I needed Yesterday 9
The Sun Must Go On 9
Buckle Your Shoes 2
Lost In Your Dark 7
Soul Food 9
When I'm Alone at Night 12
The Snow 12
Death is not seperate from life. It is a part of it. 2
Heavy Is the Crown 14
A Prompt Submission 8
Behind Closed Doors 18
Heavens to Betsy 3
Prepare For Trouble 7
Put on your War Paint 5