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A 25-Year Old Male living in Texas that, loves wrestling, writing, anime TV Shows/Movies and Sports.
The Twilight Zone
FiM Minific
Invaders From Another World
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Definitely not a great start to write-offs for me, I think I should have picked a better idea to fit a 750-word limit. However, I do want to thank everyone who critiqued my entry you guys gave me great advice to use in the future. Nowhere to go from here but up.
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I was hoping to enter this and make it my first write-off. Unfortunately, my attempt is already over the word limit.
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Thanks your advice really helped and now I am right under the word limit.
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I just finished my entry. I just have to say that it feels great to participate in these write-offs hopefully, this can be somewhat regular endeavor for me.
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Does anyone know how we are supposed to vote on prompts? Because when I go into the Prompt Voting section I can't click on any of the prompts that, have been submitted so far.
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Got it thanks.