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Started actually writing for NaNoWriMo 2017. The Goal: Finish a story. So, without worrying about word count, I did just that. It felt pretty good. I've got a few longer form stories that I'm working on and I'm hoping the writeoffs can keep me fresh.
I Did My Best
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I did my best
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I Did My Best.

Now to create my very best drawing...
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I'm starting writing now and only have about an hour.

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Just finished my arts. Gonna get it scanned and uploaded in the morning.
Not gonna lie, I kinda did it a little lazy. But I got it done and I like it.
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I just realized that the submission page has a countdown clock on it.

And that I have 5 hours left...

*Goes to throw 2000 words together*

It'll be TEEN this time.
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So just a bit of clarification as this is my first writeoff and the FAQ doesn't cover this:

Drawing is from the 19th to the 22nd and writing is from the 22nd to the 23rd. Right?

If I was planning on just writing, do I have to submit a drawing?

On the 22nd I would pick a picture from the gallery and base my story off of that, right?

Thanks. :D
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So...I missed the last two because the email notifications weren't coming in for me.

I got the email about submitting the prompt. So this gives me hope that the email will come through and tell me that its time to start writing :D
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>>Baal Bunny
as you seem to know things...

my story lies somewhere between a Teen and a Mature Rating. Is that okay?
I haven't seen anything to indicate otherwise...
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>>Baal Bunny

so talking about it without describing it should be okay, yes?
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welp....my story doesn't follow the rules.
I tried fixing it a bit to follow the rules, but to do so ruins the whole experience.
It requires it's mature rating.

Dunno if I have time to come up with another story before times up.