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This was a cute story. Twilight being completely in denial to the point of ignoring scientific rigor is very in-character for her, and funny to boot.

That being said, there's denial, and then there's writing off a result of three standard deviations above the mean. 3 s.d's is an insane quantity. That's a 0.135 percentile result, assuming a Gaussian distribution. And this is a bimodal distribution, which means that the s.d. would be even higher than the s.d. of either peak, and assuming that the peaks are differentiable, that's at least another order of magnitude more improbable.

Twilight constantly reiterating that something that can best be described as "rejecting the null hypothesis with extreme prejudice" is a little much, even if she's in denial. There's bad science, and then there's a fundamental lack of intuition about statistical quantities.