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Formatting & Style Guide
Fic Style

To aid with author anonymity, the following style rules should be applied to all submitted stories.

  1. Paragraphs should be separated by a single blank line.
  2. Scene breaks should be indicated by an [hr] in its own paragraph.
  3. Weak scene breaks should be indicated by a blank paragraph, i.e, three blank lines.
  4. Sentences should be separated by a single space.
This is a sentence. Sentences have exactly one space between them.

This is a new paragraph.


There was a scene break just there.

There was a weak scene break just there.
Fic Formatting

Stories can be formatted using BBCode. The following tags are supported:

[hr]                             Horizontal rule
[b]<text>[/b]                    Bold text
[i]<text>[/i]                    Italicised text
[u]<text>[/u]                    Underlined text
[s]<text>[/s]                    Struck-out text
[smcaps]<text>[/smcaps]          Text in small caps
[center]<text>[/center]          Centred text
[right]<text>[/right]            Right-aligned text
[quote]<text>[/quote]            A block quote
[url="<url>"]<text>[/url]        A link to <url>
[size="<size>"]<text>[/size]     Re-sized text
[color="<color>"]<text>[/color]  Coloured text

For [size], the argument can be in px or em (see Lengths), with the default being px. However, using em is recommended.

For [color], the argument can be an RGB hex value (e.g. #ff0000 for red), or a recognised colour name.

Pic Formatting

To aid with author anonymity, identifying marks of any kind (e.g., signatures) are not allowed. If a watermark is desired, one linking to the pic's page can be generated automatically.

In addition, the following should be taken into consideration:

  1. Images must be at least 225x225px
  2. Images larger than 1800x1800px will be scaled down
  3. Images will be displayed in a container with max-width of about 900px
  4. Gallery thumbnails are at most 225x225px
  5. Images will be compressed with JPEG quality 90