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The Best Medicine · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
Laughter Is The Second Best Medicine
“We’re closed,” said Spike as he opened the door to the library and then paused as Pinkie Pie came bounding inside. “Twilight has a cold and I don’t think she wants visitors,” added Spike while trying to block Pinkie’s inevitable path upstairs.

“Nonsense!” said Pinkie Pie, “Since laughter is the best medicine and I’m the bearer of the Element of Laughter, who better to cheer her up while she’s sick?”

“You don’t understand,” said Spike, clinging valiantly to Pinkie’s tail as the pony in question bounced upstairs. “Whenever Twilight’s sick, she has a very specific treatment. Decongestant every three point four hours, one liter of orange juice every three hours, etc… It’s all on her checklist and it doesn’t include vis—”

“Hi, Twilight!” shouted Pinkie Pie as she bounded into Twilight Sparkle’s bedroom. “I heard you’re feeling under the weather, and since Rainbow Dash is sleeping, I thought I’d come here and help clear away your gloomy clouds.”

The lump under the covers of Twilight Sparkle’s bed shifted, as if a terrible monster was arising from the abysmal depths of Tartarus.

“Jokes always help me feel better whenever I’m sick, so what kind of jokes would you like to hear? Oh, I know. Knock knock!”

One violet wing extended out from under the covers and groped for the tissue box. A Voice nearly blocked by phlegm gargled, “Pinkie? Is that you?”

“No, silly!” Pinkie Pie giggled. “You’re supposed to say ‘Who’s there!’”

“Need tissue,” gurgled the Voice. “Need tissue now!

“Right after the joke, so you can laugh and laughter loosens up that nasty snot in the back of your throat so you can blow your nosies so much easier instead of—”

A stunning explosion of magic and mucus sneezing blasted Pinkie Pie out the door, which an experienced Spike was holding open while taking cover. He walked across the library to where the pink party pony was suspended against the wall upside-down by a thick layer of alicorn phlegm and snot.

“So, Pinkie. Would you like to come back in a couple of days when Twilight is feeling better?”

“Yes,” responded a muffled and somewhat disappointed voice. “I suppose everypony has their own way to treat a cold.”

+ - + - + - + - +

Several Days Later…

Sugarcube Corner seemed nearly silent without Pinkie Pie’s cheerful antics, and the creak of her bedroom door being opened echoed around the pink bedroom.

“Who’sat?” muttered a congested voice from under her covers.

“That’s not the way it goes,” said Twilight Sparkle, slipping the rest of the way into the room with a stack of books floating by her side. “I say ‘Knock, Knock’ and you say?”

“Who’s there?” whispered Pinkie Pie, her bright red nose poking out from under the covers, followed by a tired smile and two sparkling blue eyes.

“A friend,” said Twilight, settling down beside Pinkie’s bed and opening her first joke book.

“I feel better already,” whispered Pinkie Pie.
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