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Famous Last Words · FiM Minific ·
Organised by RogerDodger
Word limit 400–750
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Forging Harmony
Princess Serene offered her guest, who she had not seen eat since she arrived in the castle, a modest plum sandwich.

The knight pushed it aside. “I have not come here to dine, Princess. You know that.”

“I understand.” Serene flicked her eyebrows off to one direction, and a servant hurriedly took the sandwich from the table. “If it is your wish to proceed hastily, Madam Celestia, then I’m sure I can oblige.”

“That is very welcome.”

“To which matter should we direct our attention first, then? Your incessant need to train unicorns in forbidden magic, or your attempted coup of my throne?”

The pallor of her face at that moment was priceless. Avoiding eye contact, she went to get up.

Serene slammed her hoof onto the table. “Sit down, Madam. We are not finished.”

Celestia surveyed the room. Serene’s guards outnumbered hers six to one. She sat back down.

“You may be interested to know that your recent escapades are very, very well documented. I should have you hanged.”

“I have only been acting in accordance with my duties.”

“Betraying your princess does not seen very knightly to me.”

“My duty is to protect this kingdom, Princess.”

Serene bit her lip. She shouldn’t have to deal with this insolence. “Do you think that just because you’re an alicorn that you’re above the laws of normal ponies?”

“When the laws are unjust, it is right to break them.”

“Every usurper who has ever lived has said those words. If it were you on this throne, some other filly with her head in the clouds would be sitting right where you are now. You can’t make everyone happy.”

“You can still try.”

“We are trying. Despite the best efforts of ponies such as yourself, this kingdom has never been more prosperous.”

“You would know, wouldn’t you?” Celestia’s steely countenance showed the slightest tremor of temper. “When was the last time you saw a mother try to smother her foal, rather than let it starve? When was the last time you watched your colts leave for war, knowing they would never return?”

Once again, Celestia surveyed the room.

Serene felt anxious. She counted her guards again. Still six to one.

“I suppose you have a cure for poverty, then? A cure for war?”

“Ponies can live in harmony. They did once before. I have seen it.”

“It’s not just other ponies we have to worry about,” Serene said. “There are griffons out there, and ursas and dragons and all kinds of things that would love to eat us if we just hung up our arms.”

“Every battle this kingdom ever fought was over petty squabbles between old mares.”

“A petty squabble to one is a cause worth fighting for to another. What will the next idealistic rebel say about your pursuits? What will she say makes her different from you, as you say you are different from me? Everyone thinks they have the answer. It’s only once you’re calling the shots that you realise there isn’t one.”

“There won’t be a next time,” Celestia said.

“There will always be a next time.”
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